• Data Warehousing

    Data Warehousing

    HopeRun can help your company in selecting and integrating a data warehousing solution. We can optimize your current dat

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  • Data Analysis

    Data Analysis

    HopeRun can assist your company in your Data Analysis and Data Mining needs by providing industry specific analysts to l

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  • Data Migration

    Data Migration

    HopeRun can supply you with your data migration and integration needs ranging in these areas: Data Warehouse population

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  • In-Vehicle Telematics

    In-Vehicle Telematics

    HopeRun help design and support a wide variety of in-vehicle systems such as head units, rear-seat entertainment systems

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  • Cloud Services

    Cloud Services

    Integration Services There is important to make sure that your system inter-operable, support current standards and stay

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  • Cloud Expertise

    Cloud Expertise

    Cloud Development Experience Cloud Development and Integrations: Infrastructure, Protocol, Gateway and Data Services Inf

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  • Wearable Technology

    Wearable Technology

    According to ABI Research, the wearable device industry is projected to sell 100 million units annually by 2016 and expa

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  • Embedded Solutions

    Embedded Solutions

    Taking your Products from Concept to Market Specialties Over the past decades, HopeRun has established industry wide rep

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  • Embedded Services

    Embedded Services

    Embedded Development: Platform and OS, Kernel, Application and System Strategic Positioning Providing product solutions

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  • Embedded Products

    Embedded Products

    Embedded Development Capabilities Operating System (OS) •Embedded Linux, QNX, Android, WinCE BSP(Board Support Package

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  • Mobile Apps

    Mobile Apps

    HopeRun has built apps across industries for iPad, iPhones and Android platforms to fit your needs to run your business,

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  • About Our Android Team

    About Our Android Team

    About our Android Team Our superbly capable developers, project managers, and QA professionals can help you to plan, des

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