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Build your own Google Glass

wearable devices Multi-Model Interface – Beyond web and mobile Google glass is a polarizing device. Positive opinions have often focused on the possibilities for augmented realities and multi-model natural interface, while the negative ones tend to focus on the privacy ramification and driving distractions. The features currently available...
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Fleets embrace telematics to save fuel

Soaring fuel prices, combined with escalating competition in the transport and logistics sectors, are forcing fleet operators across the world to take a close look into telematics.

In Northamptonshire England, the police force has installed technology in 270 vehicles with a total fleet of 420 units so far. In just 15 weeks after initial installment...

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Why Telematics can Benefit your fleet?

Fleet industry analysts predict that by 2014, telematics sales growth will exceed over 6.5 million units. Private fleet operators believe that real-time tracking system have the future market potential in achieving productivity and cost efficiencies. On a global scale, technology plays a bigger role.  Whether is the local small or medium business that uses only...
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The Growth of Insurance Telematics

 According to “Usage Based Insurance and Safety Telematics Synergies” insurance telematics subscriptions are supposed to grow to 107 million by the year 2018. That is an 81% increase compared to 2013’s 5.5 million subscriptions. Insurance telematics are becoming a huge part of the market due to the overwhelming amount of growth...
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News from Detroit Conference 2013

Over 2000 people including our HopeRun staff attended the first day of the largest telematics conference in the United States yesterday. There were about 100 vendors there testing out and showing off their telematics products. The high number or attendees makes this conference the largest ever telematics conference. The telematics industry is currently...
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